V. Jane Gordon
Imaging the Divine Feminine
Alternate View
V. Jane Gordon is a prolific Hamilton based artist who has worked in numerous mediums, often focusing on themes related to the elevation of the feminine and natural world. Today, she continues to be a year-round artist and mentor.

Stone Woman

Gordon writes: “I pursued interest in an original one minute conte drawing through a series of eighteen coloured marker drawings. Through the course of the drawings the “Stone Woman” evolved, dissolved, and re-emerged as “Bear Mother.” I realized that she was a symbol of the “power through” engendered by the female body. She is passage, from dark to light, from unconsciousness to consciousness, from life to death and the promise of rebirth.”

Image: V. Jane Gordon. “Stone Woman Series IV”. 1986. Marker. 45 x 61 cm. Courtesy of the artist.

The Feminine Divine

“I find myself returning again and again to drawing the figure. I am pushed to seek out the experience of life drawing when I am being teased by some conceptual thorn, or some technical burr. I experience myself as spiritually alive. Something as close to the surface of my body as my daily life, moves on the inside surface of my skin. Through this experience of being, I find imagery to explore the feminine divine.”

Image: V. Jane Gordon. “Carnival Women Triptych – Carnival Women”, centre panel. c.1984-86. 5 x 5 ft. Courtesy of the artist.

V. Jane Gordon. "Life Mound #1". 1992. Earth and stone work. 17 x 3.5 ft. Courtesy of the artist.

“I’m a serious artist. I think I could say that I love through my work what I can and what I do comes through those connections. And maybe the reason for that partly is that I’m able to configure things and that may be very important to me. That I came from a background where I didn’t have control of anything really and if I think about it, taking a rock and turning it into something that I created and that exists because of my idea is an empowering thing to do. So I think I find myself in all this work that I do. I think I’m finding myself every time that I am doing this kind of work. And I don’t know if there’s one single me, either.”

– V. Jane Gordon, 2018