Trevor Hodgson

Jazz musician, photographer, painter, printmaker and former head of the Dundas Valley School of Art…

Trevor Hodgson is a multitalented artist, art educator and musician. Born in England and working internationally for many years, he settled in Canada in 1969.

Here, he explored new modes of creativity, including sound art and xerox printing, melding abstraction and technicality: “For many years I have been a painter. My main concern being to combine painterly technique with abstract ideas and a sense of design.”

He was Director of the Dundas Valley School of Arts (DVSA) from 1977-2000. During his time with DVSA, he focused on creating an atmosphere free of pretension and intimidation. As DVSA co-founder Marion Farnan stated, “He’s always concerned about the office staff, the faculty and the students… He’s very thoughtful, very kind.”

His interest in sound art accumulated in his work Encapsulated Landscape, which toured New Zealand and is now in the collection of the National Gallery, Ottawa. He plays the saxophone and jazz clarinet and has toured throughout Canada and the US.

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Gallery on the Bay: Trevor Hodgson

Hamilton Spectator, Nov 23, 2019: Trevor Hodgson let the painting lead the way in his new art exhibition at Gallery on the Bay