Mark Strutt

Story by the artist.

Mark Strutt. "Midnight ~ Corner of George & Locke Street, Hamilton, Ontario". 1999, 30" x 36", acrylic on panel. Courtesy of the artist.

MIDNIGHT ~ CORNER OF GEORGE & LOCKE STREET, HAMILTON ONTARIO: It was my habit to take long walks at night. At the Corner of George & Locke there is this old telephone poll with a streetlamp that creates an interesting mood. I have always been intrigued with nocturnal painting. Can’t wait to do more.

Mark Strutt. "Skeleton Girl". 2000, 24" x 30", oil on panel. Courtesy of the artist.

SKELETON GIRL: Illustrated accompanying a fictional novel, in progress. We came across male and female human skeletons in a glass case at the Toronto Science Centre. This painting depicts the female. The thought occurred to me how interesting, that the remains of these two complete strangers ended up on display together, so I added what I saw as a column of light streaming from her skull.

Mark Strutt. "The Conservatory". 2000, 16" X 20", oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist.

THE CONSERVATORY: A small loosely handled painting of my son at the Hamilton Conservatory in the old recital hall.

Mark Strutt. "Time Lapse". 2000, 32" x 48", oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist.

TIME LAPSE: Not long after I used this pillar in a painting, it was torn out and replaced by a ghastly plain post. The painting is about the lapsing of time and the changes in architecture. Hence the ghostly juxtaposition between Victorian style Corinthian and the Circa 1960’s apartment building. background.