Lorne James Toews

“Figures are a favourite subject; these are the people of my life.”

Lorne Toews (b.1949) studied at the School of Art at the University of Manitoba where he received a BFA (Honours) in 1974 and at Indiana University where he obtained an MFA in 1976. After graduating from Indiana University he taught in the Department of Art and Art History at McMaster University followed by 28 years of teaching in the department of Drawing and Painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. He retired from there as an Associate Professor in 2013. He has exhibited in both Canada and the United States and has works in private and public collections in both countries.

Lorne Toews. "Girl in a Black Robe". 1979. 48" x 60". Oil on Canvas. Courtesy of the artist.

Toews is principally a figurative artist who is interested in depicting the human form, which he finds a particularly fascinating and challenging subject to paint. The subtleties of colour and tone, the variety of forms and contours and the manner in which light plays over those forms offers him an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Toews’ subject matter is often selected from the familiar and close at hand, including friends and family.

Lorne Toews. "Seated Figure Wrapped in White Sheet". 1987. 55" x 60". Oil on Canvas. Courtesy of the artist.

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