Corinne Duchesne

Story by the artist.

An award winning artist for over thirty-five years, Duchesne has exhibited in Canada, the U.S., South Korea, and Europe. Originally from Quebec, now living in Ontario, Corinne is a graduate from the Ontario College of Art (and Design, OCADU) studying during her final year with Tom LaPierre in Florence, Italy. At present, Duchesne is a full time faculty member in the Faculty of Animation, Art and Design, at Sheridan College, and is a professor of Drawing.

The body of work that was created between 1984 and 1999, moves through many transformations as a young artist looking for there voice. The main focus of exploration centered around themes of Identity and transformation.

These early works were merging observations of the human figure and dimensional cut shapes into large paintings that moved away from the confines of the frame to occupy both the wall and floor space in their environments. Often incorporating sculpture and video, into built structures, heavily ornate and rife with symbolism.

Corinne Duchesne. "Dialogue with Felicia", circa 1987. Mixed media on panel. Courtesy of the artist.

This work is the first that demonstrated the beginning of my exploration with adding a dimensional element to the surface of the work. This artwork was exhibited in 1987, with the Women’s Art Association at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. This work was awarded the Viola Depew Award for Best in Show.

Corinne Duchesne. "Consider the Sky", 1986. Mixed media oil paint on panel. Courtesy of the artist.
Corinne Duchesne. "Cassiopeia", 1993. Mixed media oil and acrylic paint, with side panels. Courtesy of the artist.
Corinne Duchesne. "Marriage by Capture", 1986. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist.
Corinne Duchesne. "Mermaid", 1998. Courtesy of the artist.

1 of 10 area artists commissioned to create works which were mounted on benches to celebrate Hamilton Artist Inc.’s 25th anniversary. Mine was at Mary and Cannon street, near my studio in the Cannon Knitting Mill.